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Scientific anonymous fic meme!
science works bitches
Because there appeared to be interest for a more general sciency anonymeme over at the Charlie Brooker-anonymeme at notdancers, this was created.

This idea originally started as an 'oh, let's have a scientist/comedian intersect anonymeme', but then it was realised that this would be a bit restrictive, so prompting is open for scientists (historical and current), but also for people in the public eye who're science-friendly. And crossovers with fictional fandoms are a-okay :D.


1) You know the drill: log out or check the anonymous option when you comment.

2) Your prompt can be anything (gen, het, slash, fluff, AU, kink and so on) and you can request as many times as you like - just remember that this meme will fail if it's all ideas and no fic, so try and fill a request whenever you can!

3) When commenting with a fic, please signify somehow that it's a fic in the title so that the meme is easier to navigate. Also (and this is really important) include warnings for anything others may want to avoid: dub non-con, deathfic etc.

4) Er, most importantly, have fun! Go mad! Be lovely and friendly and inspired. That's what this meme is for.

5) Use your common sense. Since this is a sciency anonymeme, I'm assuming everyone has that.


Anon posting is A GO.


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